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3G Cell Gate and Door Opener/Controller

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    The new 3G EVGDO1206B Cellular Gate Opener makes large-volume access control simple, fast and effective. Up to 1150 authorized users add the opener’s number to their phones and call the controller to open the gate or unlock the door or pedestrian gate. Not only is it simple, safe and effective, it is faster than using a keypad or calling via the intercom and waiting to be admitted. The EVGDO1206B 3G cellular gate opener eliminates the need to open a car window to type in a code or make a call during a rainstorm, and it maximizes security for your employees and vendors and minimizes fraud.

    The 3G access control gate opener can control two gates independently, so each user is assigned to gate A or gate B to reduce traffic backups. While called a gate and door opener, this 3G cellular access control system can be used with any electrical lock including Electric Door Strike or Magnetic Door locks. This 3G cell phone gate access control system is equipped with a backup battery to keep working dependably during power outages.

    What’s Included in the EVGDO1206B Cell Phone System

    This stand-alone gate access control and electric lock access control system includes:

    SKU: EVGDO1206B Includes the following components:

    1. ONE (1) Main Box/Controller
    2. ONE (1)-12V 1.5A DC Adapter
    3. (1)-Stub Antenna
    4. (1)- Manual


    Features of the Gate and Door Opener System EVGDO1206B

    • 1150 user capacity, suitable for all small and mid-size companies, office buildings, residential communities and organizations
    • All users are pre-authorized when their cell phone numbers are inputted into the system
    • Programmable by administrator using SMS/Text message
    • Multiple programming commands sent in one SMS/Text – up to 140 characters
    • Convenient gate and door access control from the comfort and safety of your vehicle
    • No charges to mobile phone accounts to pre-authorized users
    • Lost RF remotes, RFID cards and FOBs are a thing of the past
    • The best way to provide users with safe, weather-independent gate access control by allowing them access from their vehicles


    Places to Use the EVGDO1206B Cellular Gate and Door Opener

    This very versatile, high-capacity cellular gate access control system is great option for:

    • Gated communities
    • Association and organization clubhouses, parks, parking areas and grounds
    • Office buildings, plants and facilities with up to 1150 users
    • Hospitals, government buildings, schools and anywhere designated, secure parking is desired
    • Residential communities where keeping intrusive installations away from entryways is important
    • Large farms and ranches


    Using the 3G CGDO Gate and Door Opener Access Control System Model EVGDO1206B

    A SIM card is required for use, and the card can be pre-paid or included as part of your plan. Installation must also be in an area where a consistent 3G GSM signal is available. Operates on networks by AT&T, T-Mobile and other GSM cellular 3G providers.

    NOTE: Caller Cell Phone could be from any Cellular or Land Line service provider.

    This CGDO gate access control system includes outstanding administrator features including:

    • Pre-authorization for up to 1150 users
    • SMS messaging for Gate/Lock status (Gate/Door Open) when door and gates have such features and they are utilized  
    • Instant power status determination indicated by
    • Call history that includes originating call numbers and times
    • Signal strength status
    • Message customization
    • Dependable gate access control of one or two gates
    • Usable with all electric locks - Magnetic Door Locks, Electric Strikes or any Fail Safe or Secure Electric Lock
    • Output relay latch for reliable unlock and hold function by administration


    Additional Reasons to Choose the EVGDO1206B Cell Phone Gate Access Control

    Here are more reasons this cellular access control gate system is in high demand:

    • Easy integration with most gate, arm, barrier and other electric lock systems
    • Quick connection to existing control systems with plug-in power and two output wires to the controller
    • Programmed from anywhere via SMS or phone call
    • Data preservation guaranteed with Flash memory
    • Three configurable sensing/egress inputs
    • SMS reporting of unit status and health
    • Built-in battery backup for enhanced dependability, safety and security
    • Supports AT&T and T-Mobile GSM cellular network


    Antenna Extension Cable Installation and Operation

    Note these specifications for the use of the extension cable:

    • The EVGDO1206B is typically housed in the gate opener controller housing. When the housing material is metal or is finished in metallic paint, our optional antenna extension cable is recommended to ensure optimal performance
    • The Antenna Extension Cable is 12 inches long
    • Install the Antenna Extension Cable by drilling a ¼” hole in the gate controller housing and mounting the stub antenna to the SMA connector
    • Order the Antenna Extension Controller from the Menu of Options on this page


    Important Disclaimer about 3G GSM System Signal: The EVGDO1206B cellular Gate and Door control requires a reliable signal at the point of installation. It is the buyer’s responsibility to determine the quality of the 3G GSM reception prior to purchasing this product.


    Entryvision reserves the right to change update or correct content of this product without notification


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