4 Unit Apartment Video Door Bell Video Phone with (4) 7” Color Touchscreen Memory Monitors with 600lbs Magnetic Door Lock

4 Unit Apartment Video Door Bell Video Phone with (4) 7” Color Touchscreen Memory Monitors with 600lbs Magnetic Door Lock

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    A CCD Night Vision camera, RFID card or FOB reader and 600lbs magnetic door lock combine in this high-performance doorbell video phone system with full-color monitors with 7” color LCD screens and touchscreen/touchpad usability. The system capacity is 1,000 users, and each door bell phone station has four dedicated call buttons and separate nameplates.

    Clear and dependable audio and video is delivered by the 2-wire design that also allows for remote door lock control from any monitor. Expansion up to 16 apartments is possible. Our menu of options near the top of this page shows you all your configuration options, and Entry Vision Technical Support professionals are available to help too.

    Components Included in this System

    This is an expandable video intercom system that starts with:

    • One (1) Master Basic Key FOB set
    • Free software for system setup and management (Requires optional RS485 to USB converter)
      • NOTE 1: If Door is IN-SWING you must add a Z/L bracket Model EVZLB600.  Select the corresponding option on this page 



    Top Features of the Night Vision Video Intercom with Four 7” Color Touchscreen Memory Monitors for 4 Unit Apartment Expandable to 16 Apartments

    This is a high-performance system that enhances security and convenience for apartment residents and can be easily tailored to fit the demands of your application. Follow the links in the text for more information about each component. The system’s major features include:

    • Easy expansion from 4 up to 16 apartments
    • 2-wire technology that offers easy, fast and affordable installation with twisted, unshielded 14 AWG wire
    • Aluminum alloy door bell video phone is rugged and reliable with dedicated call button and name plate for each of four apartments
    • CCD Night Vision camera with adjustable angle
    • Built-in RFID reader with capacity for 1,000 cards for tenants and other authorized personnel
    • Touchscreen and touch pad 7” color LCD/TFT monitors
    • Hands-free communication between monitors or between any monitor and the doorbell video phone
    • Remote lock control with adjustable unlocking time from 1 to 99 seconds
    • 600lbs magnetic door lock is controlled from monitors
    • Video and audio monitoring and call initiation to the outdoor video intercom doorbell
    • Image and video capture, store and view with 128MB internal memory and 32GB micro SD card reader (card not included)
    • Call forwarding to a landline or cellular phone (optional call forwarder module required)
    • Surveillance camera integration optional (see expansion details below)
    • Outdoor station dimensions: 12 3/8” (H)× 5” (W)× 2 3/4" (D)
    • Monitor dimensions: (D) 5 1/2" (H)×8 3/8"(W)× 5/8"(D)


    Simple Operation with Touchscreen Control

    When the visitor pushes the call button to an apartment, their image is displayed on the monitor. The tenant viewing the monitor can communicate hands-free with the visitor and remotely unlock the door if desired. The tenant also has the option of monitoring audio and video from the door bell video phone at any time.


    Expanding the Night Vision Video Intercom with Four 7” Touchscreen Monitors for 4 to 16 Apartments

    Your expansion options are shown in the menu near the top of this page. Total capacity includes:

    • Up to 16 monitors in 16 separate apartments with standard flush mount or upgraded surface mount
    • Up to 4 door bell video phones
    • Up to 6 surveillance cameras with one door bell video phone with addition of One surveillance camera controller for every 2 cameras
    • Up to 2 surveillance camera controllers
    • Telephone call forwarder to a landline or cell phone
    • Output branch controllers
    • Special order door bell video phones
    • Desktop stand - excellent solution for office environment

    Select your option using the menu near the top of this page. If you select the additional door bell video phone(s) a 4-way branch controller will be added automatically to your order and will be shown in an image that will pop up to the left of the option menu.

    There are more installation and signal distribution possibilities. Please contact Entry Vision Tech Support. We’ll help you choose the best system for your specific requirements.

    Phone: 850-692-6621 // Email: sales@entryvision.com

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