Covered RFID Backlit Keypad Set with a 1200Lbs Magnetic Door Lock

Covered RFID Backlit Keypad Set with a 1200Lbs Magnetic Door Lock

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    This weather- enhanced RFID keypad is a popular choice for all outdoor entryways with its ABS semi-transparent weather protection cover.

    The package starts with a multifunction RFID keypad backlit for easy reading in any light conditions. Its total user capacity is:

    • 1100 EM RFID cards
    • 1010 Standard User codes
    • 50 Visitor codes

    The visitor codes can be programmed for one-time use or to be operational for 1 to 99 hours.

    Two RFID cards, mounting screws, a six-wire harness and the programming and installation manual are included.

    Key FOBs are optional. Additional EM cards and the FOBs are available at outstanding prices from EntryVision.

    This set includes a magnetic lock with an impressive 1200lbs of holding force. It includes color-changing LED to signal door lock status. The package is complete with a large Exit button switch and a 120VAC/12VDC wall plugin transformer.

    These Components are Included


    Additional key FOBs and RFID cards can be purchased using the menu on this page or by contacting EntryVision today. Our professional technicians are available to answer questions about this equipment and advise you on the best access control system for your application.

    Note: If your door is IN-SWINGIN-SWING design, you’ll need the ZL1200 bracket to mount the lock. It is available at EntryVision.


    Phone: 850-692-6621 // Email:


    Top Features of the Covered RFID Backlit Keypad Set w/ a 1200Lbs Magnetic Door Lock

    Ideal for outdoor locations, this system has outstanding user capacity with high performance including:

    • Dependable, strong access control in residential and commercial buildings and to any restricted area
    • High-performance, high-capacity backlit keypad with weather cover
    • ABS, semi-transparent cover protects the keypad from weather in four seasons
    • Tough, reliable magnetic door lock with 1200lbs holding force in the collinear load test
    • Easy entry by waving a coded EM RFID card or FOB in proximity to the keypad reader
    • Capacity: 1100 standard users and 50 visitors
    • Visitor codes can be programmed for one-time use or to be usable for 1 to 99 hours
    • Lock can be programmed for how long it stays open
    • 24-hour programmable timer
    • Quick egress using the Exit button which is typically installed near the exit door or controlled by building personnel where there is enhanced security
    • Optional toggle mode: When lock is opened, it remains open until the code is entered again
    • Additional keypad relays can be used to activate a security system, doorbell chime or lighting

    Who Should Consider the RFID Backlit Keypad Set w/ 1200Lbs Magnetic Door Lock and Weather Cover?

    This is an outstanding choice for high-traffic commercial buildings, especially those with areas requiring enhanced security provided by the 1200lbs lock. With the weather cover, it’s ideal for outdoor installation. It offers multifunction performance and has a high capacity for standard users and guests making it popular for hotels and lodges, manufacturing plants, banks, schools, hospitals, airports and government buildings.

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