Flush Mount Video Intercom Doorbell with (2) 7" Touch Screen Memory Color Monitors and Electric Door Strike-4 7/8”

Flush Mount Video Intercom Doorbell with (2) 7" Touch Screen Memory Color Monitors and Electric Door Strike-4 7/8”

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    Enhance the safety of your home or workplace 24 hours a day by controlling door access effectively from two locations with a Night Vision camera and two indoor monitors with large displays and remote lock/unlock capability. The door remains secure with the system’s 4 7/8” Heavy duty, vandal resistant Electric Door Strike. This system is easy to install and to expand to meet your security needs.

    Capturing visitors images and video clips and storing them on the monitor memory and micro SD card, enables review for visitors identification or as a call reminder.

    The key to its simplicity and expandability is the non-polarized 2-wire design that allows for up to 16 color monitors, 4 doorbell video phones and 6 surveillance cameras. Entry Vision offers a full menu of add-ons to customize a system for your home, retail shop, office suite or other commercial building.

    These Components are Included

    Top Features of this Video Intercom Doorbell with Two 7" Touch Screen Memory Color Monitors

    Here’s what the simple effectiveness of 2-wire design offers:

    • Night vision, full-color outdoor camera
    • 1/4 ACS 4T image sensor with digital signal processor (DSP) camera
    • Flush mount camera housing for a clean, unobtrusive look
    • Bright and clear 7” color monitors with the ease of touchscreen and touch pad control
    • Remote door lock control
    • Entrance monitoring
    • Intercom communication between monitors
    • FM video modulation technology helps maintain a clear, consistent picture
    • Expandability up to 4 door bell video phones, 16 monitors and 6 surveillance cameras (with addition of 1  surveillance camera controller for every 2 cameras)
    • Images and video clips are captured and stored when call button is pushed
    • Images stored on flash drive and can be transferred to an Micro SD Card for viewing on another device
    • Replay on the monitor or download images and video clips to micro SD card for viewing with T-Views Photo software which is included
    • Flexible wiring options for single-level and multilevel buildings
    • The security of a strong electric door strike that can be remotely unlocked and locked again
    • Tough, durable electric door strike lock controlled from the monitors

    Who Should Consider this Video Intercom Doorbell with Two 7" Touch Screen Memory Color Monitors?

    This customizable intercom doorbell system is an excellent choice for a variety of users:

    • Homeowners who want effective 24-hour door monitoring and lock control
    • Business owners who have employees, vendors, clients and customers arriving during non-daylight hours
    • Retailers selling high-risk goods such as jewelry, guns and electronics
    • Daycare and elder care facilities where controlling access is essential
    • Anyone who wants to record images of those arriving

    Quick and Effective Installation

    Anyone with basic wiring skills can install this system. If you hire a professional for the work, the simplicity of the design will lead to lower intercom doorbell system installation costs.

    Expanding this Night Vision Flush Mount Video Doorbell with 2 Color Monitors

    Entry Vision will tailor a system to meet your specific needs. This system can be expanded to include:

    • Up to 16 indoor color touchscreen monitors
    • Up to 4 doorbell video phones
    • Up to 6 surveillance cameras with addition of 1 surveillance camera controller for every 2 cameras
    • Call forwarding
    • Output branch controllers

    The menu of expansion options is located near the top of this page.

    NOTE: If you add a  surveillance camera controller to the system, you can add up to 3 door bell video phones.

    Contact us today if you’d like to discuss your specific door access control requirements.

    Phone: 850-692-6621 // Email: sales@entryvision.com

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