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PBX Flush mount Door Phone with Dialing capabilities and Access Control Metal Backlit Keypad

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    Entry Vision introduces the quality PBX (private branch exchange) door phone system that integrates seamlessly with the Analog PBX and IP when used with an ATA (Analog Telephone Adapter (offered by brand name companies such as Linksys (Cisco), Grandstream).

    A Camera assisted by LEDs for night vision is now optional with this system!

    This high-performance EVPBXDP561 PBX entry door phone serves multiple functions:

    • Analog Doorphone/Intercom connected to a PBX exchange analog Extension or IP via an ATA (Analog Telephone Adapter)
    • Main Entry Intercom with an analog telephone landline or to a VOIP via an ATA Box,
    • Access control keypad

    The PBX door phone has a programmable Call Button, set to call an extension or phone number up to 12digits, dialing capabilities to reach an inside (upto 5 digit) extension to request admittance. The keypad can also be used to gain entrance by inputting an access code. The EVPBXDP561 is designed for flush mount, but surface mounting is an option, or see the EVPBXDP50 system for a door phone designed for surface mount.

    The tough housing and stainless steel front panel are attractive yet resistant to vandals. It is weatherproof too. Keys are backlit for easy reading in any light conditions.

    The EVPBXDP561 is an ideal choice for gates or main entry ways. Calls from the door phone can be received at any inside extension for voice communication. When the visitor is cleared, pressing “0” on the inside extension will unlock the door for the length of time it is programmed for. This PBX doorphone can be used with most electric door lock, electric door strikes, magnetic door locks and gates. An ATA adapter is used to connect the system to an analog PBX extension or IP extension. It can then be programmed and operated from any of the PBX extensions.

    The EVPBXDP561 Output NO, COM and NC relay contacts make it compatible virtually with all type of locks, vehicular or pedestrian gates.


    EVPBXDP561 PBX Dialing Door Phone Components

    • One (1) EVPBXDP561 PBX door phone – flush mount
    • One (1) 120VAC/12VAC 1A transformer
    • One (1) Instructions for installation and operation


    How to Add Options to this System

    1. Browse the options menu, and make your selection(s)

    2. Note the recently included Video Camera that adds an extra measure of security when you see who is at the door (May take 1 additional day to process orders that include video cameras)

    3. The “No Touch Infrared Exit Button” and “Video Camera” options automatically include a 12VDC power supply


    Application Options

    Here are just a few of the ways this EVPBXDP561 can be used:

    • As an intercom door phone with any PBX extension, analog or IP, via the ATA (analog telephone adapter)
    • As an intercom door phone connected to a VOIP (voice over Internet protocol) line that is stand-alone or part of a VOIP line system in a home or office – The EVPBXDP50 door phone connects to VOIP via an ATA, and calls can be forwarded from the door phone to a VOIP system line or to an outside, pre-programmed mobile or landline phone
    • As an apartment main entrance intercom – When apartment resident names are displayed with codes, this door phone can speed dial up 50 apartment codes or pre-programmed numbers


    Features of the EVPBXDP561 Door Phone

    This multifunction PBX access control system includes:

    • Call button: Visitor calls go directly to one or more pre-programmed PBX extensions when the call button is pushed
    • Backlit metal keypad
    • Extension dialing: If the visitor knows the extension of the person being called, it can be dialed directly from the keypad
    • Call forwarding: You have several call-forwarding options
    • Access control: The digital keypad access control has a capacity of 50 codes
    • Programming: Program the EVPBXDP561 door phone from any PBX extension phone or an external phone by using the Master Codes
    • Surface-mount installation
    • Weatherproof, vandal-resistant housing
    • Dimensions when flush mounted: H 9 7/8 X W 4 3/4 X D 3/16 Inch (utility box depth in wall 1 7/8“)
    • Dimensions when surface mounted (optional): H 10 ¾ X W 5 5/8 X D 1 7/8


    Advanced Performance Features

    • Authorized users can gain entry using a personalized code with the Access Control Keypad – 50 code capacity
    • Any PBX inside extension can be used to call the door phone or unlock the door by pushing “0”
    • Multiple call forwarding options for Day/Night modes – determine which extension rings during set periods of time, and call forwarding for unanswered calls
    • Switch to Night Mode at any time
    • Two-way voice link from extensions to the door phone for communication and visitor identification
    • Capacity of 50 Flexible Extension definitions with 1-12 numbers
    • Add # automatically to any number if required by IP PBX
    • Visitors hears electronic ringing when a call is placed
    • 2-digit to 6-digit Master and User codes
    • Programmable door open relay time of 1-99 seconds and unlocking time of 1-99 seconds
    • Unlocking output relay: Normally Open (N.O.) for electric strike; Normally Closed (N.C.) for fail-safe electric door strike and magnetic door lock
    • Exit button: Programmable delay of 0-10 seconds
    • Indication buzzer
    • Outstanding sound quality
    • 12VAC power
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