RFID Anti-Vandal Waterproof Backlit Keypad Set W/Door Strike

RFID Anti-Vandal Waterproof Backlit Keypad Set W/Door Strike

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    This turnkey system has everything required for enhanced access control in one high-performance package. A clearly written manual for wiring, programming and using the system is included. The package can be used by itself or integrated into a larger door access control system.

    Featuring a high user capacity, the system’s keypad is waterproof and resistant to debris for outstanding long-term durability. Use the keypad to program a lock to remain open from 1 second to more than 24 hours, or use toggle mode to open the lock with a code and keep it open until the code is entered a second time.

    The additional relay included can be used to activate a security system or lighting to make entering the home or building safer. The included Exit button offers quick exit from within with a simple push. To activate the lock, key in one of 1200 user PINs (with more than 1 million PIN number available), 50 visitor PINs or a programmed EM card or FOB.

    The set is complete with a dependable electric strike lock and large Exit button that can be installed near the exit for general use or in a secure location for controlled use.

    These Components are Included


    Top Features of the RFID Anti-Vandal Waterproof Backlit Keypad Set W/Door Strike

    Designed for use in residential settings with few users or commercial/industrial settings with more than 1000 users, this versatile, high-quality door access control unit offers these benefits:

    • Dependable access control to a home, building or restricted area
    • Vandal-resistant RFID keypad that is epoxy coated for weatherproof performance
    • 1000 User PIN capacity for Output 1 plus 50 Visitor and 50 Duress codes
    • Visitor codes programmable for one-time use; may be programmed to be valid for 1 to 99 hours
    • Outputs 2 and 3 offer additional 100 User and 10 Duress codes each
    • Easily programmed via the keypad
    • Quick entry achieved by passing a card or FOB near the keypad/reader
    • Stand-alone operation or integration into a larger access control system using a proven Wiegand bus
    • 24-hour programmable timer
    • Timer allows you to program how long you want the lock to remain open
    • Toggle mode opens the lock with a code and leaves it open until the code is entered again
    • Common user PINs, Group user PINs and Private user PINs give you several levels of security enhancement
    • Additional relay may be used for a security alarm or to control lighting for convenience and safety
    • Auto-adjusting operating voltage from 12-24VDC
    • Exit button installed inside exterior door offers fast egress and can be programmed to keep the lock open for a specific length of time
    • Dependable EVES136NO/NC 4 7/8” electric door strike


    Who Should Consider the RFID Anti-Vandal Waterproof Backlit Keypad Set W/Door Strike?

    If you’ll be placing your reader in a location susceptible to dust and moisture, this weatherproof RFID keypad that also resists debris is an excellent choice. Its large capacity for users and guests works well in industrial and manufacturing facilities, hospitals, government buildings and similar high-traffic settings.

    If you have questions about this system or would like to speak to a EntryVision technical support professional about the best system for your requirements, contact us today.

    Phone: 850-692-6621 // Email: sales@entryvision.com

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