RFID Anti-vandal / Waterproof Keypad Set w/ 600Lbs Magnetic Lock

RFID Anti-vandal / Waterproof Keypad Set w/ 600Lbs Magnetic Lock

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    This packaged system from EntryVision contains everything required to enhance gate or door access control in any residential or commercial setting, whether indoors or outside. It features an epoxy-coated, weatherproof keypad that accommodates 1200 common user PIN codes, 50 visitor codes and one administrator code. Programming is simple using the keypad, and we’ve included a clearly written manual with easy-to-follow instructions. This is a stand-alone set that can also be integrated as a reader into a larger, computer-controlled system.

    In addition to activation codes, the lock can be activated by waving an RFID EM card or FOB near the reader.

    The built-in 24-hour timer is programmable to the second for exact control of how long the lock remains open once activated. The visitor PIN codes can be programmed for one-time use or to remain functional for 1 to 99 hours.

    Our 600lbs magnetic lock offers medium-duty, highly reliable security and is a popular choice for high-traffic installations such as at airports, jails, hospitals, manufacturing facilities, government buildings and schools.

    The set is complete with a large Exit button that may be installed near the door for general egress or in a secure area for controlling egress from the area or building.

    These Components are Included

    Note: If your door is IN-SWING design, you’ll need the ZL1200 bracket to mount the lock. It is available from EntryVision using the menu on this page or by calling us.

    Also, FOBs and additional EM cards are available on our products menu or by calling EntryVision.

    Phone: 850-692-6621 // Email: sales@entryvision.com


    Top Features of the RFID Anti-vandal / Waterproof Keypad Set w/ 600Lbs Magnetic Lock

    This high-capacity system with proven technology offers these benefits:

    • Dependable, secure access control to a door or gate
    • Epoxy-coated keypad with vandal-resistant housing for weatherproof installation in any climate
    • 1200-user capacity for high-traffic applications plus 50 visitor codes, 50 duress codes and one administrator (super user) code
    • Common user PINs, group user PINs and private user PINs offer several levels of security
    • Lock activation with PIN code, RFID EM card or coded FOB
    • Lock has color-changing LED lights for visual status indication
    • Timer mode keeps the lock open for the exact amount of time you determine, from one second to 24 hours in one-second increments, once it has been activated by a PIN code, EM card, FOB or the Exit button
    • Toggle mode opens the lock when a code is entered and closes it again when the code is reentered
    • Second system relay may be used for a security alarm or to control safety or convenience lighting
    • Exit button is typically installed near the exit for common use, but may also be installed in a secure area to control egress
    • Medium-duty 600lbs magnetic door lock with proven dependability

    Who Should Consider the RFID Anti-vandal / Waterproof Keypad Set w /600Lbs Magnetic Lock?

    This stand-alone system that can be integrated into a larger system is found in many commercial settings including airports, hospitals, government buildings, jails and prisons, manufacturing facilities, banks and other locations where controlling access to and egress from buildings or restricted areas is essential.

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