RFID Backlit Anti-vandal Keypad Mullion Mount with 600Lbs Magnetic Lock

RFID Backlit Anti-vandal Keypad Mullion Mount with 600Lbs Magnetic Lock

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    This complete RFID keypad package provides dependable and precise gate or door access control with the strength of a 600lbs magnetic lock. In addition to the keypad and lock, you’ll receive a reliable Exit button switch, 120VAC/12VDC transformer to power the system and accessories including mounting screws, six-wire harness and two RFID cards. The manual makes it easy to install and program the system. FOBs and additional EM cards are available from EntryVision using the menu on this page.

    The mullion-mount keypad design is ideal for narrow surfaces. The metal keyboard is very durable, and the anti-vandal housing has an IP65 rating for protection against debris and moisture.

    The backlit keypad is easy to read in the dark. It can be activated by entering a code or by waving a coded EM card or FOB in proximity to the built-in reader. It’s easy to program the lock to remain open for the precise period of time you desire, from one second to 24 hours. You can select toggle mode too. The lock is opened with a code, and it remains open until the code is entered again.

    System capacity is 1000 common users and 50 visitors. Visitor codes can be set for one-time use or programmed to remain effective from 1 to 99 hours.

    A second system relay can be used to activate a security alarm or to control lighting for safety, security and convenience.

    The intelligent, programmable Exit button offers precise control of exit time. The switch may be placed near the door or gate for common use or can be placed in a secure area to control exiting.

    buildings, prisons, manufacturing plants, storage facilities, hospitals, schools and other locations where dependable gate or door security is essential.

    These Components are Included



    1.     Additional RFID cards and key FOBs are available from EntryVision at affordable prices. See the menu on this page for details.
    2.     If your door is designed as  IN-SWING a ZL Bracket ModelEVZLB 600bracket to mount it on. It is available from EntryVision.

    If you have questions about this system or would like to speak to a EntryVision technical support professional for assistance in selecting the right system for your requirements, contact us today.

    Phone: 850-692-6621 // Email: sales@entryvision.com



    Top Features of the RFID Backlit Anti-vandal Keypad Mullion Mount with 600Lbs Magnetic Lock

    You’ll enjoy outstanding performance from a complete, stand-alone system offering these benefits:

    • Reliable, precisely timed control of any gate or door
    • This package is complete, containing all you need to secure a door or gate
    • Narrow keypad design is suitable for mullion mounting
    • Epoxy keypad coating maximizes performance and durability
    • IP65-rated housing offers outstanding protection against dust, moisture and vandals
    • Magnetic lock with 600lbs of holding force
    • All system functions are programmable from the keypad
    • Lock activation with a code RFID EM card or FOB
    • 1000 common user codes and 50 visitor codes plus one administrator code
    • More than 1 million code possibilities
    • Visitor codes can be programmed for one-time use or to remain effective up to 99 hours
    • Timed lock precisely controls how long the lock remains open, from one second to 24 hours
    • Toggle lock opens and closes the lock with the use of a code
    • Dedicated doorbell button on keypad
    • Additional relay can be connected to a security alarm or to lighting

    Who Should Consider the RFID Backlit Anti-vandal Keypad Mullion Mount with 600Lbs Magnetic Lock?

    If you’re looking for a stand-alone, complete system that is easy to install and program, this is a good choice. It is made with the quality to be installed in high-traffic areas with a large number of users. You’ll find this mullion mount backlit keypad with 600lbs lock installed in airports, government 

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