RFID Backlit Keypad Set with Heavy Duty Electric Door Strike

RFID Backlit Keypad Set with Heavy Duty Electric Door Strike

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    This complete access control system offers the dependability of a high-quality RFID keypad/reader and the toughness of an electric door strike with 2,200lb forcing strength. This is a stand-alone system that can be integrated into a larger, computer-controlled door access control system.

    A large Momentary Exit button switch that activates the electric strike can be mounted near the door for standard or emergency exit or at a receptionist desk for exit control.

    The set includes everything you need including clear, easy-to-follow instructions, and DIY installation is possible for those with basic wiring skills. Our technical support professionals are available to help you customize the right system for your requirements.

    Two RFID cards are included, though additional cards and FOBs can be purchased for additional users. The keypad has a capacity of 1100 user codes. It is backlit for easy reading even in the dark, and features two-relay output.

    These Components are Included


    Additional key FOBs and RFID cards can be purchased using the menu on this page or by contacting Entry Vision today. We’re available to answer questions and help you select the best access control system for your application.


    Top Features of the RFID Backlit Keypad Set with Heavy Duty Electric Door Strike

    This dependable, heavy-duty system capable of supporting a large number of users includes these benefits:

    • Access control to any entrance including restricted doors and gates
    • Quick entrance using a card or FOB or standard entrance with user codes
    • Quick exit by pushing the large Door Exit button
    • Stand-alone use or integration into a larger access control system
    • Option to activate/open the lock using a code and have it remain open until you deactivate/close it by entering the code again
    • 24-hour programmable timer
    • Additional relay allows easy integration with a security alarm system
    • 1000 user PINs for lock activation Output 1; 100 user pins for Output 2 which can be used for an alarm, emergency lighting or another purpose
    • Dependable EVES136NO/NC 4 7/8” electric door strike

    Who Should Consider this RFID Backlit Keypad Set with Heavy Duty Electric Door Strike?

    This is an excellent choice wherever restricting access to part of a building or an entire facility is desired. The second output that can be used with an alarm or other equipment gives it greater versatility.

    Phone: 850-692-6621 // Email: sales@entryvision.com

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