RFID Backlit Mullion Keypad with 300Lbs Magnetic Door Lock

RFID Backlit Mullion Keypad with 300Lbs Magnetic Door Lock

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    Mullion-style keypad construction is designed for use on narrow mounting surfaces, and the 300lbs lock offers light-duty security for residential and commercial buildings in addition to storage or materials rooms, equipment lockers and other restricted areas.

    This high-performance keypad is backlit for easy reading in all light conditions. It can be activated by using a 2-6 digit code. There are more than 1 million code options, and the keypad has a 1000-code capacity for ongoing users plus 50 visitor codes for one-time use or programmed to be functional from 1 to 99 hours. There is a Super User (administrator) code too for programming purposes.

    This is also a proximity reader. Coded RFID EM cards and coded FOBs waved near the reader will activate the lock. Use the keypad’s timer function to program in one-second increments how long you want the lock to remain open, up to 24 hours. The toggle function opens the lock with a code, and it remains open until the code is reentered.

    The large Exit button offers good visibility. It can be installed near the exit for general use or in a secure location where it is important to control exiting from the area.

    This is a stand-alone package containing all you need including accessories for installing, wiring, programing, powering and using the gate and door access control system. This includes an installation and programming manual.

    Two RFID EM cards are included. EntryVision offers FOBs and additional EM cards at competitive prices. They’re available using the menu on this page or by contacting EntryVision.


    These Components are Included


    1.    If your door is IN-SWING, you’ll need the ZL1200 bracket to mount the lock . It is available from EntryVision.
    2.    Additional RFID cards and key FOBs are available from EntryVision at affordable prices. See the menu on this page for details.


    If you have questions about this system or would like to speak to a EntryVision technical support professional for assistance in selecting the right system for your requirements, contact us today.

    Phone: 850-692-6621 // Email: sales@entryvision.com



    Top Features of the RFID Backlit Mullion Keypad with 300Lbs Magnetic Door Lock

    This complete package offers good security for any gate or door along with these benefits:

    • Quality-built keypad/reader unit with backlit numbers for easy use
    • Narrow mullion design is ideal for installation where space is limited
    • The keypad is coated with epoxy for weather protection, and the housing is made of durable ABS weatherproof plastic with IP55 protection against moisture and dust
    • 1000 common user codes with 1 million+ code options plus 50 Visitor codes and one Super User code for programming the system via the keypad
    • Opens by waving a coded FOB or EM card near the reader
    • Timer mode is programmed in one-second increments to activate the lock for up to 24 hours
    • Toggle mode activates the lock with a code and deactivates it only when the code is entered again
    • Second keypad relay may be used for a security alarm or to activate lighting used for security, safety or convenience
    • Large Exit button can be programmed to stay open for the length of time you choose

    Who Should Consider the RFID Backlit Mullion Keypad with 300Lbs Magnetic Door Lock?

    Designed for narrow mounting surfaces, this backlit mullion keypad and reader is a popular choice in hospitals, schools, government buildings, manufacturing and storage facilities, banks and other locations where the entire building, an area or a single room is restricted. The magnetic lock with 300lbs holding force is suited for locations where basic security is required. EntryVision also offers this system with 600lbs, 800lbs and 1200lbs locks for enhanced security.

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