RFID Backlit Mullion Keypad with Heavy Duty Electric Door Strike

RFID Backlit Mullion Keypad with Heavy Duty Electric Door Strike

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    This turnkey package contains all you need to enhance door access control at home, your business facility or a restricted area. The package includes the reader and accessories including a manual, a heavy-duty electric strike that meets ANSI standards, an Exit button switch for immediate egress and a wall plugin transformer. The EVKP2890ID features slim design for use on a narrow mounting surface.

    The RFID keypad/reader offers 1000 user code capacity with more than 1 million possible codes plus additional codes for visitors that you can program for one-time use or to be functional for 1 to 99 hours. Super User (administrator/programmer) codes are also part of the system.

    This Stand-alone system comes with 2 RFID EM cards; additional cards as well as key FOBs are available at affordable prices to expand your system. Cards and FOBs allow quick lock access by passing them near to the RFID reader. A 24-hour built-in timer is included. Toggle mode keeps the lock open once a code is entered until it is entered a second time.

    Weather-resistant construction protects the keypad against moisture. The large Exit button is ideal for mounting near the exit or it can be installed where it is offers egress control. Using the keypad, you can program how long you want the lock to remain open after the Exit button is pushed.

    Additional output contacts can be used to control the electric door strike or magnetic lock and the doorbell chime.

    These Components are Included

    Note: Additional RFID cards and key FOBs are available from EntryVision at affordable prices. See the menu on this page for details.


    Top Features of the EVKP2890ID RFID Backlit Mullion Keypad with Heavy Duty Electric Door Strike

    This is a multifunctional access and egress control system with the following benefits:

    • Reliable access control to any home, building or restricted area
    • A durable epoxy-coated backlit keyboard with integrated, dedicated doorbell button
    • Mullion-mount weatherproof plastic housing ideal for narrow mounting surface
    • Keyboard/EM card reader is epoxy coated as protection against moisture
    • Stand-alone functionality
    • Programming via the keypad
    • 1000-User PIN capacity for Output 1
    • Separate User, Visitor and Super User (administrator) codes
    • Visitor codes can be programmed for one-time use or to work for 1 to 99 hours
    • Additional outputs increase user capacity
    • Quick entry by passing a coded card or FOB near the reader
    • Keypad has additional output relay contacts for electric door strike (included in this package), magnetic door lock and doorbell chime
    • Keypad programmable unlock mode options are:

    Timed -- lock stays open from 1 second to 24 hours

    Toggle -- lock is opened with a code and remains open until code is entered again

    • Exit button opens lock for the period of time you program, and it can be installed near the exit or in a secure area to control who exits the building or area
    • Intelligent programmable exit/egress button offers better control of exit time
    • Dependable EVES136NO/NC 4 7/8” electric door strike with 2200lb forcing strength


    Who Should Consider the RFID Backlit Mullion Keypad with Heavy Duty Electric Door Strike?

    If you’ll be installing your  RFID reader on a mullion strip or similar narrow surface, this will serve you well. With high capacity, it is a popular choice for locations with heavy traffic such as airports, large manufacturing facilities, government buildings, schools and hospitals.

    If you have questions about this system or would like to speak to a EntryVision technical support professional for assistance in selecting the right system for your requirements, contact us today.

    Phone: 850-692-6621 // Email: sales@entryvision.com

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