RFID Backlit Weatherproof Keypad with a 600Lbs Magnetic Door Lock

RFID Backlit Weatherproof Keypad with a 600Lbs Magnetic Door Lock

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    This system combines proven security features with outstanding convenience in an RFID epoxy-coated weatherproof keypad and 600lbs magnetic lock system. This RFID card reader keypad system is designed for stand-alone use in a variety of residential and commercial settings. Weatherproof design is ideal for uncovered locations.

    The RFID keypad is backlit for easy reading any time of day. It has a capacity of 1000 standard user PIN codes plus 50 guest PIN codes. Two RFID cards are included, and additional cards and FOBs are available from EntryVision at affordable prices.

    The ABS plastic weatherproof keypad cover delivers IP55 protection against moisture and debris for excellent durability. The package is complete with mounting accessories, six-wire harness, installation and programming manual, wall plugin transformer and a large Exit button that unlocks the door from the inside.

    Customers choose this system for homes where enhanced security is essential, and it also works well for disabled users who want an automatic door opener when leaving or returning home. A wide range of commercial users install it to protect their building or restrict access within the building.

    These Components are Included


    Reminder: If your door is IN-SWING design, you’ll need the ZL bracket model EVZLB600 to mount the lock. It is available from EntryVision.

    Note: This system includes two RFID cards. If you would like to purchase key FOBs or additional cards, we have them at competitive prices. See the menu on this page for pricing or to order.

    If you have questions about this system or would like to speak to a EntryVision technical support professional about the best system for your requirements, contact us today.

    Phone: 850-692-6621 // Email: sales@entryvision.com


    Top Features of the RFID Backlit Weatherproof Keypad with 600Lbs Magnetic Door Lock

    This is a multifunctional system crafted with top-quality components that offers these advantages:

    • Access control at home or work that backed by high-performance equipment of the highest quality that you can depend on
    • High-performance weatherproof keypad is coated with epoxy and is backlit for easy reading in any light conditions
    • Weatherproof keypad cover offers IP55 resistance to moisture and debris
    • RFID keypad with 1000-user capacity plus codes for 50 codes for visitors
    • Visitor codes can be easily designated for one-time use or set to be operational for 1 to 99 hours
    • Super User (Administrator) codes and the included programming manual make it easy to program the system for your specific requirements
    • Quick entry is possible using an EM RFID card or FOB and waving it in proximity to the keypad reader
    • Timed lock activation from 1 second to 24 hours
    • Optional toggle mode that opens the lock with a code and closes it only when the code has been reentered
    • Additional keypad relays can be used to active a security system, lighting or a doorbell chime
    • Dedicated button for doorbell
    • Strong magnetic lock with 600lbs holding force
    • Quick egress by pushing the large Exit button which can be installed near the exterior door or where building personnel is able to control egress when enhanced security is necessary

    Who Should Consider the RFID Backlit Weatherproof Keypad with 600Lbs Magnetic Door Lock?

    Residential users include those with disabilities or those confined to wheelchairs who want to exit or enter with the push of a button or the entry of a code. This access control system is also popular in commercial settings where it will be installed outside, since the keypad is weatherproof and resists dust and debris too. You’ll find this system in airports, hospitals, schools and universities, government buildings and manufacturing facilities.

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