Telephone Entry Intercom System with Two Keypad Door Phones and Two rugged Electric Door Strikes-4 7/8”

Telephone Entry Intercom System with Two Keypad Door Phones and Two rugged Electric Door Strikes-4 7/8”

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    Everything you need for access control at two doors is found in this turnkey system that delivers outstanding security and convenience by integrating your phone with the intercom door phones.

    The dependable electric strike lock controls are activated in two ways, by pressing “0” on your phone or using a door phone keypad. Call waiting is included, so you won’t drop a call or miss visitors to the door. The door phone rings electronically when the call buzzer has been pushed, so visitors know their call is going through.

    When multiple phones are on the same line, they can be used as in intercom system, and calls from a door phone can be transferred from one interior phone to another. Calls can also be made from your phone to the door phones.

    The keypad has a 50-code capacity with an administrator code. The entire system is easy to install, setup and use with the included manual.

    All of these features make this a popular choice for residential and commercial settings.

    These Components are Included


    See the menu of options to customize this system for your requirements. The technical support pros at EntryVision are available to help. Contact us today with questions.

    Phone: 850-692-6621 // Email:


    Top Features of this Telephone Entry Intercom System with Keypad Door Phones and rugged 4 7/8” Electric Door Strikes

    • Remote activation of the door lock without approaching the door
    • Two-way communication with visitors without having to approach the door or a window
    • Works with all standard phone equipment including phone networks with multiple phones on the same line
    • Intercom communication between phones, corded or cordless, on the same line
    • Transfer of calls from phone to phone on the same line
    • Call waiting for times when visitors arrive while the phone is in use
    • Electronic ringing of the door phone when the doorbell is pushed
    • Quick installation with easy-to-follow directions
    • Easy setup and use
    • Reliable re-enforced 4 7/8” electric door strike lock controls
    • Factory tested to ensure reliable operation
    • Free email and online technical support from EntryVision

    Note: If your phone system is connected to a DSL or ADSL broadband service, a filter splitter is recommended for maintaining uninterrupted service. Filters are available at Radio Shack and online for less than $20. The filter’s input is connected to the DSL/ADSL line, the filtered output is connected to the intercom door phone and the unfiltered output is connected to the telephone system or network.

    Who Should Consider this Telephone Entry Door Phone with Keypad and Electric Strike System?

    Like most of our systems, this set works well in a wide range of residential and commercial settings including:

    • The homes of the elderly or disabled
    • Large homes where two entrances are heavily used
    • Businesses where controlling access is desired
    • Retail shops with inventory at high risk of theft
    • Cash advance locations
    • Anywhere it is important to have lock control in a dependable, convenient system
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