Telephone Entry Intercom System with Two Slim Metal Door Phones and Two 600lb Magnetic Locks

Telephone Entry Intercom System with Two Slim Metal Door Phones and Two 600lb Magnetic Locks

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    This complete system gives you the ability to communicate with visitors at the door using your corded or cordless phone and open the lock by pressing the “0”. The included Keypad can be programmed to keep the lock open from 1 to 999 seconds or set in toggle mode ON or OFF. The telephone to doorphone adapter works with all standard phone equipment including lines with multiple phones and phone networks.

    Call waiting is just one of many performance features, and calls can be made from your phone to the door phones. When there are multiple phones on the line, convenience features include using the phones as intercoms and transferring calls from phone to phone.

    We include two 600lb magnetic locks to enhance security at two doors. However, the system works with electric strikes, deadbolts and door/gate motors. High-quality slim metal door phones are durable and attractive. All of this is included in a complete system for enhancing security and convenience at home or work. 

    Install in weather protect area.

    These Components are Included


    If you have questions about this system or would like assistance choosing the right telephone to door phone intercom system for your requirements, contact the EntryVision team today.

    Phone: 850-692-6621 // Email:

    Top Features of the Telephone Entry Intercom System with Two Slim Metal Door Phones and Two 600lb Magnetic Locks

    This is a versatile system that is easy to install in any home or commercial building. Its benefits include:

    • Two-way communication between your phone and the door phones and the ability to activate locks without going to the door
    • Call waiting, initiating calls to the door phones, internal intercom among multiple phones on the line and transfer of calls between phones
    • Tough 600lb magnetic lock with 2 Relay access control backlit keypad with 110 User codes
    • Slim, attractive door phones crafted from durable metal and including call buzzers
    • Door phones ring electronically when the call button is pushed to let visitors know their call is going through
    • System works with magnetic locks, deadbolts and motorized doors and gates
    • DIY installation is possible using the clear instructions included
    • Cost savings and ensured compatibility by purchasing all components together

    Note: If your phone system is connected to a DSL or ADSL broadband service, a filter splitter is recommended for maintaining uninterrupted service. Filters are available at Radio Shack and online for less than $20. The filter’s input is connected to the DSL/ADSL line, the filtered output is connected to the intercom door phone and the unfiltered output is connected to the telephone system or network.

    Who Should Consider this Telephone Entry Intercom System with Slim Metal Door Phones?

    This system is the right combination of security and convenience for the elderly and disabled . It also is popular in a wide range of residential and commercial settings including:

    • Large homes with two frequently used doors
    • Businesses that prefer door access control without issuing keys or installing card readers
    • Daycare and eldercare facilities
    • Cash advance locations
    • Retail shops with high-risk inventory
    • Any residence or commercial building where enhanced security and convenience is important
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