Two Unit Apartment Video Intercom Doorbell with (2) 7” TFT LCD Monitors and 600lb Magnetic Door Lock Set

Two Unit Apartment Video Intercom Doorbell with (2) 7” TFT LCD Monitors and 600lb Magnetic Door Lock Set

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    Never wonder who is at the door, even at night, with this video intercom doorbell equipped with a night vision camera that sends a clear, color image to the bright 7” color monitors with easy-to-use touchscreens. This turnkey security system with 600lbs magnetic door lock is recommended for 2-family dwellings and many commercial settings such as two offices with a common entry.

    The touchscreen monitors allow hands-free communication with the visitor and are equipped to remotely lock and unlock the door. They can be used to capture, store and view images of visitors, and those images are easily transferred using the SD card slot.

    Non-polarity, 2-wire design is the key to fast installation using two-conductor twisted 14 AWG wire (not shielded) to daisy chain the video doorbell to the monitor(s). The system is easily expanded in single-level and multilevel buildings. Expansion up to 16 monitors is possible. See the menu of add-ons on this page or contact Entry Vision today to discuss your requirements.

    Components Included in this System

    Here’s what you get with the basic system. Keep in mind that expanding it for greater capacity and functionality is easy.

    • NOTE 1: If Door is IN-SWING you must add a Z/L bracket Model EVZLB600

    Option Selection - Read before ordering

    You can expand and upgrade the system by adding more monitors, outdoor stations and keypad sets with magnetic door locks:

    • Option 1 - Add Monitors - Expand the system up to 6 monitors by adding optional 1, 2, 3 or 4 monitors. All monitor are same as shown with the basic set.
    • Option 2 - Add Outdoor station - Expand up to 4 outdoor stations. All outdoor stations are the same as listed in the basic system content SKU: EV2WDP592
    • Option 3 - Add Access Control keypad sets - The Outdoor station that comes with the basic system includes an Access Control Keypad set which includes: Access Control Keypad EVKP9522BL, Weather protection Cover, Magnetic Door Lock EVML600LED, Exit Button EVEB802W, and 12VDC Power supply EVPS12VDC2A. This option allows you to select the same Access Control set for each additional Out Door station selection in Option 2.
      • NOTE 1: The maximum number of Access Control sets selected can not be higher than the number of outdoor stations.
      • NOTE 2: Contact us if you wish to upgrade your keypad to an RFID keypad

    Top Features of this Night Vision Video Intercom Doorbell System

    Users appreciate the quality of this system and the easy-to-operate security it provides. Here’s an overview of the top features:

    • Doorbell intercom station with Night Vision capability and rugged anti-vandal design
    • Two high-resolution, 7” color TFT LCD monitors that deliver a bright, clear picture
    • Rain covers that protect the camera from the elements
    • 2-Wire design for flexible, easy installation and outstanding performance
    • Image capture and video clips storage technology that can be customized for your requirements
    • FM video modulation technology improves video consistency while reducing interference
    • Ringtone options
    • Secure 600lbs magnetic door lock remotely controlled from the monitors
    • Expandable up to 16 monitors, 4 door bell video phones, call forwarding and more – See below for more details

    Who Should Consider this Video Intercom Doorbell 7” Touch Screen Color Monitors?

    This quality video doorbell security system is designed for broad use such as:

    • Two housing units using a common entryway
    • Single-family residences for monitoring the door from two locations is desired
    • A range of commercial settings such as daycare facilities, offices, studios and retail shops where controlling door access remotely is important

    Installing this Night Vision Video Intercom Doorbell System

    With 2-wire setup, this system can be installed by the owner with previous wiring experience or a professional. Complete installation and use instructions are included with this system. If you hire a contractor, the easy installation should reduce installation time.

    Expand this System Rather than Buy a New System

    When you need a system with greater capacity, simply expand this one using the 2-wire system to configure daisy chain or star topology designs. Here is its expansion capacity:

    • Up to 16 monitors per unit, or 32 monitors total
    • Up to 4 door bell video phones
    • 2 surveillance camera controllers
    • Call forwarding to a landline or cellular phone
    • Desktop stand - excellent solution for office environment

    The menu of options for expanding your system is found near the top of this page. Contact Entry Vision today if you’d like to discuss your specific video intercom system requirements.

    Phone: 850-692-6621 // Email:

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