Video Intercom Access Control Keypad Doorbell with 7" TFT Wide LCD Monitor, Telephone to Door Phone Adapter and Electric Door Strike-4 7/8” Set

Video Intercom Access Control Keypad Doorbell with 7" TFT Wide LCD Monitor, Telephone to Door Phone Adapter and Electric Door Strike-4 7/8” Set

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    A quality outdoor camera aided by bright LED lights allows you to see who’s seeking entrance 24 hours a day. You’ve got two easy options for remotely unlocking the door: The indoor color monitor and a landline phone using the Telephone to Door Phone adapter.

    The adapter allows you to answer a call from the video doorbell using your home phone and conveniently unlocking the door with the touch of the “0” key. It even includes a call waiting function, so you can answer a call from the outdoor station while speaking with someone else.

    The hands-free color monitor allows you to accept calls from the door bell video phone while both seeing and hearing the visitor and unlocking the door with the push of a button. You can also monitor audio and video from the entryway and initiate calls to the door bell video phone.

    A programmable keypad on the door bell video phone provides keyless entry and 40-code capacity. The keypad is backlit for easy use in the dark. The system is complete with a reliable 4 7/8” Heavy duty, vandal resistant Electric Door Strike.

    Components Included in this System

    This system includes one (1) each:


    Option Selection - Read before ordering

    You can expand and upgrade the system by adding more monitors, outdoor stations and magnetic door locks or electric strikes:

    • Option 1 - Add up to 3 Monitors - Expand the system up to 4 monitors by adding optional 1, 2, 3 monitors. All monitor are same as shown with the basic set
    • Option 2 - Add 2nd Outdoor station - Expand up to 2 outdoor stations. This option includes the same outdoor station listed in the basic system SKU: EV4WDP5 and a 12V/2A power supply for its keypad and an optional magnetic lock or electric strike (if option 3 is selected
    • Option 3 - Add to the 2nd Outdoor Station a Magnetic Lock or Electric Strike - This option to select a magnetic lock or electric strike for the 2nd outdoor station includes also an exit button EVEB802W--Click HERE for more details icon-reduced.jpg

    Top Features of the 7" Video Intercom Keypad System with Integrated Telephone

    This affordable system offers many easy-to-use features that enhance both security and convenience:

    • 1/3” Sony CCD color camera with 6 bright LED lights to create night vision
    • 40 programmable code options plus latch codes
    • Select the time period caller has for unlocking the door from 1 to 99 seconds
    • White indoor panel with 7” brilliant LCD color monitor and low-profile, surface-mount housing
    • Push-button monitor controls for volume, color, brightness and switch to 16:9 view
    • High-quality speaker for clear, reliable intercom communication
    • Dependable and strong electric door strike lock controlled from the monitor
    • Cable: Requires a 4-core shielded alarm cable for distances up to 90 feet (30 meters) and coaxial wire (video signal only) for distances of 90 feet or more 
    • Telephone to Door adapter that integrates a landline into the system
    • Use call-waiting feature on your phone to receive a call from the doorbell video phone, and push “0” to unlock the door remotely
    • Call the door bell video phone from your phone
    • Expand the system by adding a door phone from our Phone Gate line to a second entrance or gate
    • Surface-mount, waterproof door bell video phone with backlit keypad
    • Options for expansion (see details below)

    Who Should Consider this System with Color Monitor, Backlit Keypad and Integrated Phone?

    This is an economical and convenient solution for remote control of any door in your home. It is suitable for us in duplexes or twins with system expansion. There are many commercial applications too including:

    • Single offices and studios
    • Office suites, with system expansion
    • Retail shops where customer access control is desired
    • Daycare and elder care facilities where only authorized individuals are allowed entrance
    • Anywhere people work alone and want to enhance security and convenience

    Increase Security and Convenience with System Expansion

    This system can be expanded to include up to 4 monitors, 2 door bell video phones and more.

    The complete menu of expansion options is found near the top of this page. If you select the additional door bell video phone(s) a 4 Way Branch controller will be added automatically to your order and will be shown in an image that will pop up to the left of the option menu.

    If you’d like to discuss your system with an Entry Vision Tech Support specialist, contact us today. We’ll help you design the right system for your home or business security needs.

    Phone: 850-692-6621 // Email:

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