Video Intercom Doorbell 2-Wire Backlit Keypad with (2) 7" Touch Screen Memory Color Monitors and Electric Door Strike-4 7/8” Set

Video Intercom Doorbell 2-Wire Backlit Keypad with (2) 7" Touch Screen Memory Color Monitors and Electric Door Strike-4 7/8” Set

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    Control access to your home or business 24 hours a day with this turnkey, high-performance video intercom doorbell with a Night Vision camera and brilliant 7” color monitors, unlocking by touching the monitor screen icon or entering a code to the outdoor keypad. It includes a dependable 4 7/8” Heavy duty, vandal resistant Electric Door Strike.

    The backlit outdoor keypad provides keyless entry with programmable codes for residents, employees and others you want to allow access.

    Monitor built in memory allows video clips and image capture for later review.

    The 2-wire design optimizes audio and video performance and provides reliable lock control from the monitors or keypad while offering easy installation and expansion of the system.

    Components Included in this System

    With the purchase of this system, you will receive:

    Top Features of the Night Vision Video Intercom Doorbell with 7" Color Touchscreen Monitors

    This system is loaded with performance features to add security and convenience to your home or workplace.

    • Two 7” color monitors with outstanding clarity that feature touchscreen and touchpad control of door locks, system controls and hands-free communication
    • Outdoor station with Night Vision capability using advanced digital signal processing
    • Backlit keypad for fast, easy code entry even at night
    • Total of 80 programmable entry codes plus temporary codes for one-time visitors such as guests, contractors or vendors
    • Voice and sound entryway monitoring
    • Video and image capture and storage
    • Lock control from either monitor
    • Reliable and strong electric door strike lock controlled remotely from the monitors
    • Intercom communication between monitors
    • Flexible 2-wire design for simplified installation even in multilevel structures
    • FM video modulation technology that ensures reliability while reducing interference
    • Many expansion and configuration options (see details below)
    • Optional integration of surveillance cameras
    • Optional call forwarding to a landline or cellular phone

    Who Should Consider this Color Monitor Video Intercom Backlit Keypad Doorbell System?

    This system is designed to meet the security and convenience requirements of:

    • Single-family residences where two monitor locations are desired
    • Two-family residences such as duplexes, twins or condominiums
    • Daycare and elder care facilities where access control is essential
    • Stores selling  jewelry, electronics, guns or other high-risk goods
    • Office suites or other workplaces where remote door lock control with video and audio is desired

    Two-wire Design & Easy Installation

    You can install this system if you have basic wiring knowledge and skills. If you hire a professional, the simplified 2-wire installation will cut down on the time it takes.

    Expanding this System to Meet your Needs

    The menu at the top of the page gives you complete options for expanding this unit. Total capabilities include up to:

    • 4 door bell video phones
    • 16 monitors
    • 6 surveillance cameras (requires one  surveillance camera controller for each 2 surveillance cameras)
    • Surveillance camera controller
    • Output branch controllers required when adding doorbell video phones

    Select the options you want in the menu. If you select one or more additional doorbell video phones, a 4-way branch controller will be added automatically to your order and will be shown in an image that will pop up to the left of the option menu.

    Contact us today if you’d like to discuss your specific door access control requirements with an Entry Vision Tech Support professional.

    Phone: 850-692-6621 // Email:

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