Video Intercom Doorbell for 4 Apartments Expandable to 32 or more with LCD scrolling tenants list Screen and Electric Door Strike

Video Intercom Doorbell for 4 Apartments Expandable to 32 or more with LCD scrolling tenants list Screen and Electric Door Strike - PRE ORDERS ONLY

$1949.99 - CALL TO ORDER 850-692-6621
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    This is a 4 apartment video intercom system Expandable to 32 apartment and more. The outdoor station with a Color, Night Vision Camera, 3.5 inch LCD screen scrolling list/menu makes it a breeze to locate tenants, RFID Card/FOB reader and built in keypad is included. Upgrade your system to 32 apartments or more. This system could be expanded up to 128 apartments (call us). Outdoor station includes voice prompting for action confirmation. Outdoor station is available in half flush mount. Additional optional upgrades: Upgrade Exit button, Add a motion detector for fast exit.


    Main System Features

    • Night Vision Camera
    • RFID Proximity Reader - 320 user capacity
    • Action confirmation Outdoor Station Voice Annunciator
    • Private User Code for Door unlock
    • Up to 32 Apartments upgradeable to 128 apartments via BDU
    • Remote Unlocking and Monitoring from each monitor
    • Image/Video clip backup in monitor receiving call
    • Unlocking of Electric Strike
    • Tenants Name list displayed on 3.5" TFT LCD screen display
    • 2 Wire non-polarized bus
    • Up to 4 outdoor Stations
    • Free software of Outdoor Station configuration via RS232


    The video door phone Apartment system includes:

    • One (1) Branch Controller - Click HERE for more details
    • One (1) Electric Strike EVES136NO/NC - Click HERE for more details icon-reduced.jpg
    • One (1) 120VAC to 12VDC Wall Mount Transformer Model EVPS12VDC2A - Click HERE for more icon-reduced.jpg
    • One (1) Timer, model EVMPRT160 (See Note 1) - Click HERE for more details icon-reduced.jpg
    • One (1) Exit button, model EVEB802W - Click HERE for more details icon-reduced.jpg
    • One (1) Master Basic Key FOB set
      • NOTE 1: If Door is IN-SWING you must add a Z/L bracket Model EVZLB600. Select the corresponding option on this page.
    • Free software for system setup and management (Requires optional RS485 to USB converter)


    Options - Read Before Ordering

    1. Option 1 - Expand up to 32 apartment. Expand in 4 apartment groups to 8, 16, 20, 24, 28 and 32 apartments, ONE monitor per each apartment, One Branch controller per 4 monitors. If your apartment building is within this range but the number of apartments is different than indicated here please contact us at 850-692-6621
    2. Option 2 - Upgrade the Exit Button. Upgrade exit button to "No Touch infra Red", "Light Touch Piezo Electric" or "Stainless Steel exit Button".
    3. Option 3 - Add a Microwave Motion Detector/Sensor for quick unlock.
    4. Option 4 - Select RFID Cards
    5. Option 5 - Select RFID KEYFOBS  



    The visitor searches the Outdoor station scrolling LCD screen for the apartment he wants to visit, once he finds the apartment he sets the curser on the name and presses the bell button.

    When the call button is pressed the visitor's image appears at the apartment's monitor. The visitor and the apartment tenants can communicate hands fee. The tenant can unlock the main entry door with a simple touch on the monitor screen.


    Features and Specifications

    • 3.5" digital TFT with color menu
    • Confirmation/Indication by a Synthesized Annunciator
    • RFID proximity access - 320 user capacity
    • integrate with up to 128 apartments via BDU (contact Entry Vision for more information)
    • Scrolling Tenants Name list display
    • Keypad access control
    • High resolution camera (Camera angle adjustable)
    • Reliable and secure self access with RFID proximity reader and keypad
    • Direct call of apartment by Keypad
    • Tenants names listed and scrollable on TFT LCD screen display
    • Outdoor station panel fabricated from Aluminum alloy with metal keypad
    • IP 44 protection level
    • Camera's angle is adjustable
    • Compatible with all 2- Wire Entry Vision monitors
    • No need for individual power supplies for each monitor - Main Power supply of 24VDC for system
    • Camera Lens: 1/4 ACS 4T image sensor with DSP processor;
    • Outdoor Station Dimension: 13 3/4 (H) X 5 3/8 (W) X 1 7/8 (D) inch
    • Monitor Dimensions: 8 3/8 (W) X 5 1/2 (H) X 5/8 (D) inch
    • Setup and configuration of outdoor station via Menu and/or USB-RS-485 bus with FREE Software
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