Video Intercom Doorbell with (2) 4” Color TFT LCD monitors and 600lb Magnetic Door Lock Set

Video Intercom Doorbell with (2) 4” Color TFT LCD monitors and 600lb Magnetic Door Lock Set

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    This economical and expandable system delivers security with two full-color monitors offering outstanding resolution of the video sent from the night vision outdoor camera that allows you to see who is at the door, even in the dark.

    The two color monitors act as intercoms between rooms when installed in the same dwelling and remotely control the door lock with the push of a button for convenience. They provide communication with the caller at the door.

    A 600lbs magnetic door lock provides security, remotely unlocked by the monitor. Two-conductor twisted 14 AWG wire (not shielded) is used in installation to daisy chain the video intercom doorbell t the monitors.

    This System Includes These Components


    Option Selection - Read before ordering

    You can expand and upgrade the system by adding more monitors, outdoor stations and keypad sets with magnetic door locks:

    • Option 1 - Add Monitors - Expand the system up to 6 monitors by adding optional 1, 2, 3 or 4 monitors. All monitor are WHITE, same as shown with the basic set.
    • Option 2 - Add Outdoor station - Expand up to 4 outdoor stations. All outdoor stations are the same as listed in the basic system content SKU: EV2WDP591.
    • Option 3 - Add Access Control keypad sets - The Outdoor station that comes with the basic system includes an Access Control Keypad set which includes: Access Control Keypad EVKP9522BL, Weather protection Cover, Magnetic Door Lock EVML600LED, Exit Button EVEB802W, and 12VDC Power supply EVPS12VDC2A. This option allows you to select the same Access Control set for each additional Out Door station selection in Option 2.
      • NOTE 1: The maximum number of Access Control sets selected can not be higher than the number of outdoor stations.
      • NOTE 2: Contact us if you wish to upgrade your keypad to an RFID keypad


    Top Features of the Video Intercom Anti-vandal Doorbell with Two 4" Color Monitors

    This video intercom door phone is an ideal choice for maintaining a safe environment at home or work. It gives you the following:

    • 2-wire (non-polarity) design for safe, easy installation
    • Versatile wiring that includes options such as daisy-chain wiring, two-way wiring and topology wiring, all of which can be used for system expansion
    • Handset for privacy
    • Reduced interference and reliable consistency through the use of FM video technology
    • Strong 600lbs magnetic door lock that offers dependable remote locking and unlocking from the monitors


    Expanding the System is Easy and Affordable

    When you need more video doorbells and monitors, there is no need to replace this system. Simply expand it instead. Your options for expansion are:

    • Up to 4 video doorbells for separate entry points
    • Up to 6 surveillance  cameras
    • Up to 16 indoor monitors for viewing entry doors
    • Desktop stand - excellent solution for office environment
    • Call forwarding from the door phone to any landline or cellular phone



    Who Should Consider this System?

    Security experts recommend high-performance systems like this to:

    • Homeowners concerned about protecting their family and property
    • Business owners committed to workplace safety without having to distribute keys to employees or vendors
    • Those who don’t want the expense of installing a magnetic card reader system
    • Retailers in high-risk areas and those selling goods that present a high risk of robbery (e.g. jewels, jewelry, coins, guns, electronics)
    • Daycare and elder care facilities where limiting access only to authorized people is essential
    • Anyone who works alone and wants enhanced safety
    • Elderly and disabled who need security while being able to conveniently allow access to family, caregivers and guest


    DIY Installation is Possible

    Each video doorbell system requires DIY skills with basic knowledge in electricity and comes with clear instructions. If you prefer to hire a professional for the work, estimates from contractors will be affordable because installation is quick and easy.

     Phone: 850-692-6621 // Email:

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