Video Intercom Doorbell with 4” Color TFT LCD monitor and Electric Door Strike - 4 7/8”

Video Intercom Doorbell with 4” Color TFT LCD monitor and Electric Door Strike - 4 7/8”

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    Being secure at home and work is accomplished with the installation of one cost-effective, turnkey system featuring a Night Vision camera and a 4 7/8” Heavy duty, vandal resistant Electric Door Strike. This video intercom includes an anti-vandal doorbell and a crystal-clear 4-inch color monitor.

    The system includes everything you need to control property access using the color monitor to see who is at the door Day or Night. This system utilizes advanced digital signal processing that delivers a sharp, bright image to make identification easy even in the dark.

    It offers hands-free voice communication and is outfitted with an electric door strike lock that “buzzes” people into the building while maintaining security.

    The System Includes These Components

    Here are the 2-Wire 4" Color Monitor Video Intercom Anti-vandal Door Bell System features:

    • Easy 2-wire installation no polarity installs quickly while reducing wiring mistakes
    • FM video technology offers consistent performance with less interference
    • Versatile wiring options including in/out or daisy-chain wiring, two-way wiring and system expansion with star topology wiring
    • Genuine Night Vision camera in door bell video phone
    • Electric door strike that offers secure, remote lock control from the monitor

    Expanding this System to Meet your Needs

    This versatile security system can be easily expanded to include:

    • Up to 4 entry points each with its own doorbell
    • Up to 6 surveillance cameras monitoring doorbell locations
    • Up to 16 indoor monitors for viewing the entry door
    • Call forwarding to any phone, landline or cellular
    • Some options require upgrade of power supply from EV2WEV2WPS4-24-24-24 to EV2WPS5-24

    Who Should Consider This System?

    This is a popular and effective choice for:

    • Homeowners who want to control access to a main door
    • Business owners allowing access to employees or vendors without distributing keys or incurring the expense of a magnetic card reader
    • Retailers selling jewelry, electronics, guns, etc.
    • Daycare and elder care facility operators who want to limit access to authorized personnel
    • Those who want proven security when working alone in an office or studio
    • The elderly and disabled who want to remain safe in their home while allowing access to family, caregivers and guests

    Do-it-Yourself Installation of this Video Intercom Anti-vandal Doorbell System

    Clear, step-by-step installation instructions are included with each video doorbell and monitor system. Those with good DIY skills are able to install the system. If a professional installer is hired, installation will be quicker. 

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